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On-site Automated Assemblies Make the Difference

Ramco’s assembly process with fastener manufacturing integration takes your multipart challenges and turns them into efficient and automated productions running on time. Our engineering specialists work with you to understand the project complexities and develop a solution that meets your goals.

Automated & Dedicated Machines

Ramco’s process allows for automated and high-speed production with multiple quality checkpoints. The in-line inspections keep your parts running, and with dedicated machines, we can get your project to the front of the line faster.

When we work on an assembly, we manage the manufacturing of any cold-formed components and create the assembly on-site—no need for additional transportation. Whether a stationary fastener or a part with free-moving components, we have solved all types of assembly projects.

Size Flexibility

Our machinery can produce sizes from M5 – M20 for nuts and assemblies up to 215.9 mm x 279.4 mm.