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Pierce and Clinch Nuts


Pierce and clinch nut styles include square pierce, Strux® Clinch, and press-in. They have Property Class 10 strength and can be installed in a progressive or line die, eliminating secondary assembly costs and providing simplified assembly. There is improved positional capability and exceptional torque-out and push-out performance.

Strux® fasteners are the choice for applications that need additional strength and reliability in an assembly. The six equally spaced, raised lobes on a Strux® nut create the distinct advantage of resistance to rotation and push-out during service. The Strux® clinch nut excels in assemblies where welding is not possible or not preferred.

Ramco will work with you on engineering, design, and installation tooling support, for nuts designed to fit your custom application. You benefit from turnkey assembly equipment, including heads and feeding equipment.

Ramco’s full-service approach is unique in that we can provide both fasteners and the installation tooling required to achieve a finished assembly. Complete fastening system includes tooling, equipment and fasteners for either in-die or secondary installations. The development of Ramco’s own installation head means flexibility and control to get the job done right.

All tooling, clinch nuts, and pierce nuts are manufactured in the U.S., allowing for immediate service tooling with quick lead times for new applications.