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Body In White

Ramco is a one-stop shop for all components attached the frame before it goes to paint. Nuts and studs, money-saving solutions, and design flexibility with hardened steels are some of our most requested services for body in white.

Complete System Solution Development

When we work with OEMs on body in white, our engineering team is continually developing specialized components to accommodate the new generations of steels, for both welding and clinching. Ramco works with all standard coating and plating systems.

Body in White Part Success

In a recent project, we were able to realize significant cost-saving solutions for the design and production of grounding studs. Other parts that we have engineered for success:

  • Pierce and clinch nuts
  • Super weld nuts for boron steels
  • High strength steel fastener systems
  • Nut and stud plates, small stampings
  • Hood latch and pin
  • Sliding nut plates for door latch mounting systems
  • Fasteners to attach roof rails and deck lids