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Lock nuts


Our in-house locking capabilities and high-quality approach bring you lock nuts tailored to your applications and uses such as specialized torque and locking features. Ramco controls the critical characteristics affecting performance of our lock nuts. As surface treatment specialists, we can develop custom finishes to meet your requirements and help you choose exactly appropriate plating. Organic plating is a specialty.

With each locking feature, Ramco can custom-engineer lock nut threading to perform to your specific requirements. Engineering-specific coatings and wax applications allow us to dial-in specific torque-at-clamp requirements.

We test in-house for how plating affects torque, assuring that the application is exact and reliable for your use. In-process SPC maintains process control as the locking feature is applied. Finished torques are verified and certified using RS Technologies testing equipment is verified and certified using RS Technologies testing equipment.