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Cold Forming

Cold Forming Supply Chain Solution

Stability in localized manufacturing – that’s what Ramco does best. Our cold forming machines, material acquisition, and process are designed to provide consistent supply right on time.

Domestic manufactured cold forming

When speed and accuracy matter, Ramco is your best option. Our high-speed machines with integrated software and tracking to check pressures during operation keep accuracy on target for large production batches. You can also count on Ramco for safety and security when it comes to proprietary designs. With domestic cold forming manufacturing, your product details never leave the country. Our long relationships with raw material suppliers, along with machine optimization, create a system that reduces scrap, can produce millions of parts, and is automated to lower your costs per part.

Reasons to Use Cold Forming

Cold heading and cold forming can be used to form a wide range of shapes and parts with multiple diameters and internally threaded dimensions. In addition to being a cost efficient technique, the process can increase the hardness and tensile strength of a part, a result of the material grain flow.


Ramco is ready to tackle challenging part requirements with the flexibility to work around product changes or immediate demand. With recently purchased part formers, nut formers and tapping machines, we can handle sizes from M5 to M32.
Part Former 1 Capabilities
  • Up to 180mm long
  • Up to 48mm diameter
  • 50 pieces per minute
Part Former 2 Capabilities
  • Up to 240mm long
  • Up to 30mm diameter
  • 70 pieces per minute
Our domestic presence with global mindset avoids the risk of international issues and tariffs. This also gives you the advantage of on-time delivery.


Cold-formed parts are ideal for a variety of applications and industries, including those within the automotive, agriculture, defense, civic, and construction fields. Our parts are found in thousands of transmission, motors and EV motor applications across the world.