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When it comes to powertrain, precision is the key. With machining capabilities of Ramco Michigan, your parts can be designed to any size, small or large, and up to standard for safety and durability.

Machining and problem solving designs

Ramco is an ideal partner when you know what you want but need help getting there. We have problem solved standoffs for engine connection components, and can design to a variety of materials, including aluminum and steel.

Complex Situation Parts

Spark plug tubes, prechamber or chamber nozzles, check valves and couplings are examples of parts we regularly provide design assistance and machine. Magnetic plugs or fittings to pull metal shavings out of fuel is another solution that solved multiple objectives.

Call on Ramco for

  • Tightly toleranced complex components
  • Large diameter lock and pinion nuts
  • Double O-ring adapter for control coolant flow within transmissions
  • Connect fittings and tubes for fluid control
  • Coupling nuts for fuel transmission
  • Plugs and fittings
  • Stainless steel high temperature nuts and fasteners