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Seating/Seat Frame

When components are safety critical, count on Ramco to help design, improve and manufacture the parts for the job. We can utilize formed and machined combined approaches to get the results needed.

Strength, Tolerance, and Solutions

For seating and seat frame components we consider safety when advising on materials, process, and tolerance. Ultra high strength weld and pierce nuts allow us to create solutions that have both the hardness for safety and durability and thin diameters for weight and space control.

Ramco excels at taking weight out of components and maintaining tight tolerances so final assemblies don’t rattle. The capabilities of Ramco Ohio and Ramco Michigan allows us to develop partially formed, machined finished parts to balance cost savings and performance.

Product Solutions

Ramco has developed a series of floating cage nuts that have been a game-changer for seat mounts with adjustable options and also for bumper attachments.

  • Splined and toothed components for mechanisms
  • Pierce and clinch fasteners
  • Bolts, pins, and shafts
  • Wireforms
  • Small and accessories parts