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The company’s main environmental impact consists of energy use and emissions to air and water. Our well-functioning environmental management system, ISO 14001, and its dedicated employees are audited partly by external environmental auditors and by customers.

Ramco Specialties estimates that about 50% of purchased raw materials come from scrap-based steel mills, which reduces the need for primary raw materials and thus also minimizes energy use and emissions. Through the safe and correct handling of hazardous waste, the company contributes even further to reduced environmental impact.

Ramco Specialties aims to use renewable electricity and heat as much as possible and thus reduce energy consumption and emissions. Ramco Specialties does this through efficient logistics and energy-efficient production.

Ramco Specialties’ environmental work aims to ensure that the company’s own production is carried out with as little environmental impact as practicable while being economically viable. The company conducts operations that require official permits and all production units have the necessary permits. These are monitored continuously and the environmental aspects measured at each site and reported externally according to official requests while also being monitored internally to build up information and data for follow-up. Energy surveys are carried out locally, and outcomes are monitored and reported. Ram-Bul is not covered by programs for emission allowances and does not work with compensation for emissions.


Reduced environmental impact
Proactive environmental work is carried out at all units and the company’s focus on reducing its negative environmental impact has produced good results.

The company has noted improvements following investment in energy-efficient production equipment. Work is continuing to further develop expertise in energy consumption to support future investments.

Reduced weight contributes to lower carbon emissions
Ramco Specialties offers optimized application solutions that can reduce fuel consumption in vehicles, which in turn contributes to lower carbon emissions. Ramco Specialties works to help customers reduce the number of fasteners per vehicle and thus achieve weight reduction through the development of alternative solutions.

Sustainable product development
Ramco Specialties is involved in electric vehicle projects with various automotive manufacturers and is helping to drive development in terms of shape and material for fasteners to create optimal conditions for the new technology. The company has positioned itself with technology for electric cars and hybrids, and during the year developed cooperation with one of the world’s largest electric car manufacturers.

Environmental Certificates