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August 11, 2017 Kurt Kleidon

Joint Venture of Ramco Specialties, Inc., and Bulten NA to See Expansion of Local Facility

Hudson, Ohio—August 11th, 2017. Ram-Bul LLC, the Hudson-based full service provider (FSP) to the automotive industry, announced today that the company has been awarded a significant contract to supply fasteners to a major vehicle manufacturer, work that will take place at Ram-Bul’s Hudson headquarters. Ram-Bul is the recently formed joint venture of Ramco and Bulten, two leading fastener manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe.

The contract will enable an investment in equipment and new hires. Order value is expected to exceed $5 million annually, with ramp-up during 2018 and full volumes expected to be reached in 2019-2020. Making a planned $9 million expansion of the facility a reality, this agreement is also reflected in a current Bulten announcement that describes investment for the first phase of fastener manufacturing at the Hudson Ramco site.

Ram-Bul is a supplier of domestically produced, internally and externally threaded fasteners (nuts and bolts) for the automotive industry in the U.S. With this significant new order, the nut-making capacity that already exists at Ramco will be complemented by bolt-making unit Bulten NA at the same facility. This expansion will create new skilled employment opportunities within the Hudson facility.

Rick Malson, President of Ramco, noted, “By this contract, the two partners will supply high-quality engineered fasteners to a new customer, further strengthening our position as a best-in-class manufacturer. We will continue to grow our business and increase market share.

S. Gill, CEO of Ram-Bul, said, “This reflects highly on the great work carried out by both companies to successfully launch the Ram-Bul joint venture. We are happy to support our industry with high-quality domestic manufacturing and to support localized investment.”