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August 11, 2017 Kurt Kleidon

Ram-Bul Establishes Brand with Launch of New Website

Hudson, Ohio—August 11th, 2017. Ram-Bul LLC, the Hudson-based full service provider (FSP) to the automotive industry, announced today that it has launched its new web site,, introducing the supplier and its services to the market. Representing two best-in-class manufacturers, Ram-Bul’s capabilities and expertise are primed to support FSP-based manufacturing.

The new site reflects the full range of domestically manufactured fasteners supplied by Ram-Bul, as well as background on the capabilities and extensive experience behind the company. A joint venture of Ramco Specialties and Bulten, the company produces and distributes fasteners to the North American auto market.

With branding, messaging, and content that are distinctive to Ram-Bul, the site is addressed to executives and others who require and expect a demonstrated high level of expertise. Information about the company’s manufacturing capabilities, engineering problem solving and resident support provide site visitors with the range of Ram-Bul’s expertise.

S. Gill, CEO of Ram-Bul, said, “We are happy to have this opportunity to inform the industry of the unique capabilities that Ram-Bul represents. This new site will take visitors through manufacturing, testing, engineering, logistical and other strengths. It’s an experience that will evolve as we continue to grow the business and add to our capabilities.”

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