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May 3, 2021 Kurt Kleidon

EV Battery Tray Challenge

Ramco recently helped an electric vehicle manufacturer fix an issue with the battery tray carrier, which is an integral part of their automobile structure. By engineering a special clinch nut that can stand up to the weight required by the manufacturer, a solution was developed that is both reliable and able to exceed the tray load requirements.

We found that the electric vehicle in question had a weld nut in the battery tray that was not able to hold the required load and in need of a stronger replacement. Ramco’s signature Clinch Nuts are the choice for applications that need additional strength and flexibility during assembly.

Easy to install with the distinct advantage of resistance to rotation and push-out during service, Ramco’s Clinch Nut was the perfect solution to this problem.

There’s a lot riding on every part, no matter how small. Ask us how we can help with your engineering challenge and customize a solution!