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May 18, 2021 Kurt Kleidon

Engineering a Solution With In-Die Installation

When an automotive driveline components manufacturer came to Ramco looking for a solution to replace the weld nut they had been using in their driveline application, Ramco developed a Pierce Nut to replace the customer’s current weld nut. By engineering a special pierce nut that’s able to be installed in-die, we were able to eliminate the manufacturer’s current welding process, improving production time and eliminating a costly secondary welding operation!

The process in question had uncovered faults with the production weld nut resulting in quality and performance issues and hurting efficiency. Ramco’s pierce nuts with Property Class 10 strength can be installed in a progressive or line die, eliminating secondary assembly costs and providing simplified assembly.

Ramco will work with you on engineering, design, and installation tooling support, for nuts designed to fit your custom application. Ask us how we can help with your production issues and engineer a solution that’s right for you!