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July 29, 2019 Kurt Kleidon

Three Motors, One Part: Ramco Helps Customer with Double-Nut Slider

Ramco has helped an automotive OEM improve process, simplify material handling, inventory, tooling, and reduce the risk of error on the line. We did this by engineering a special adjustable nut for use on three different engines in production.

The 1500 pickup truck is produced with three different motors: 6-cylinder diesel, standard 6-cylinder, and heavy v-8. Each of these has its own tooling requirements and complexity, and the manufacturer came to us requesting different nuts for three different motor mounts. Each of these with its own spacing needs. Instead, we came back to them with a solution: Ramco will create a single, adjustable nut slider to be used on each. Three motors, one part.

This was a big win for our customer as the OEM could have had three times the material handling and inventory, plus the cost of additional dies—and potential costs on line due to the complexity of using different parts. Our adjustable part simplified the line and greatly reduced the risk of an operator using the wrong part, with the stops, removals and repairs that could entail.

There’s a lot riding on every part, no matter how small. Ask us how we can help with your production issues and engineer a solution!