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September 3, 2019 Kurt Kleidon

Ramco Square Pierce and Strux® Clinch Nuts, for Aluminum

While innovations continue to move forward in steel and all metals, aluminum remains a popular choice  for many applications in auto making, particularly when it comes to weight advantages and flexibility. Manufacturers working in this space should know Ramco’s clinch and pierce nuts can be your go-to choice for these applications.

Our certified Strux® fasteners are great for aluminum applications. The six equally spaced, raised lobes on a Strux® nut create resistance to rotation and push-out during service. The Strux® clinch nut excels in assemblies where welding is not possible or not preferred. Strux nuts are easy to install in different kinds of metal, reduce weight, are made in USA and are perfect for installation in-die.

In addition, Ramco’s square pierce nuts are perfect for non-welding and thin sheet aluminum applications. Employing either of these nuts in aluminum applications helps manufacturers both in forming a particular joint, saving money through inserting nuts in-die, and for use in the manufacturing tool that creates the stamping.

Let Ramco deliver the critical components you need, for any application.