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July 8, 2021 Kurt Kleidon

Significant Investment in Part Formers Boosts Ramco’s Capabilities

Ramco is proud to announce the investment in two new 6-station part formers with diameter capabilities of 48mm and 30mm. The limited availability of large part forming machines in the US makes this $4.5 million investment important not only for Ramco, but also in local manufacturing job creation.

The 6-station, 48mm part former is equipped with a forging load of 1,000 tons with a two kick-out stroke that produces parts up to nine inches parts with an upset diameter that can go out to nearly 3 inches. These measurements are twice as large as the company’s current capabilities.

The part formers will specialize in custom designed parts such as cold-formed ball studs, ball joints, and pipe nuts. The longer stroke on this machine allows the company to develop more complex critical parts.

In addition to the two new machines in Ohio, Ramco Europe has acquired a 41” part former designed specifically for customized brake parts.

These investments are designed to help our customers acquire parts faster and with more reliability. Contact to schedule a discussion about your next project.