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September 16, 2019 Kurt Kleidon

Boron Weld Nuts Advance Effective Use of Ultrahigh Strength Steels

Ramco has developed an innovative line of weld nuts designed to assist stamping companies and OEMs with thin, ultrahigh strength steel applications. Initially developed for boron steels, the new nut has enhanced weld projection geometry designed for extra stability during high-current welding.

Many stampers have issues with adhesion of their standard weld nuts to ultrahigh strength steel. Ramco’s RamTek design addresses these assembly issues allowing our customers to reduce weight in their applications.

Manufacturers and stampers who seek to create lighter weight components and increase tensile strength should know Ramco has weld nuts for ultrahigh strength metals. These new nuts are perfect for floor pans, inner door brackets, pillars, cross members, or any structural stamping applications.